The gut is a complex system and there is a lot to understand but here we’ve made it as easy as A, B, C!

 A – Anxiety

Can in fact be caused by gastrointestinal conditions, and it may be possible to alleviate those symptoms by regulating gut bacteria.

B – Bloating

If your gut microbiome is unbalanced it will struggle to process food and to eliminate waste effectively, this will leave you feeling bloated, possibly constipated, or even suffering from diarrhoea.

C – Cleanse

Imagine your gut is like a garden, it’s overgrown with weeds, to get the beautiful flowers to grown once again it’s important to rid your gut of any unwanted debris causing problems.

D – Digestive Tune Up

The Regul8 Digestive Tune Up is a three-step process that cleanses, soothes, and repairs the gastrointestinal system.

E – Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes are essential to nutrition and overall good health, they help your body absorb nutrients from the foods you eat and without them you might experience uncomfortable symptom’s, food intolerances or even nutritional deficiencies.

F – Food Diary

Keep one, not only to track your food intake but to also monitor your gut, you’ll soon see which foods or experiences make your gut happy and those that don’t!

G – Glow!

Beauty is way more than skin deep with most skin irritations being a form of inflammation stemming from the gut. If you truly want to glow you need to do it from the inside out!

H – Health

It is now widely accepted that our gut play a major role in our overall health and wellbeing. A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system, heart health, brain health, improved mood, better sleep, effective digestion, and it is believed that it may also help prevent disease.

I – Immune System

70% off your immune system is created in the gut, a healthy gut can really help boost your immune system!

J – Journey

Ensuring a healthy gut isn’t something that is going to happen to overnight, it’s a journey that will take time and one that will need congoing attention – but the lifelong benefits will be worth it!

K – Vitamin K

Vitamin K protects the body internally by assuring healthy digestion. It strengthens immunity by enhancing digestion, and foods loaded with Vitamin K are often recommended for those who need immunity boost.

L – Lavender

We all know that lavender when added to the bath, sprayed on a pillow, or infused in a candle gives us a lovely, relaxed feeling but did you know it can also help to soothe your gut!? Digested it can help improve the symptoms of constipation and trapped wind by soothing the muscles of the digestive tract.

M – Maintain

Once you’ve cleansed and repaired your gut, you must maintain its new healthy status! The maintain element of the Digestive Tune Up is a micro-encapsulated probiotic which helps to regain and maintain optimal health by bringing the microbiota in the digestive system back into perfect balance.

N – Natural

Regul8’s all natural products are plant based, gluten free and designed to not need refrigerated.

O – Ouch

Stomach cramps can be uncomfortable at best and even painful – a healthy and fully functioning gut can eliminate this feeling altogether!

P – Pre and Probiotics

Probiotics are the good bacteria which your gut microbiome needs to flourish, and prebiotics are the food that the probiotics need to flourish! Your gut needs both and a probiotic without the prebiotic simply won’t be as effective.

Q – Quality

The Regul8 formulation is created with the highest quality of ingredients sourced globally and made in Australia, these are approved by one of the strictest therapeutic goods governing bodies in the world, TGA.

R – Restore

The Restore phase of the Digestive Tune up works to maintain the body’s biochemical pathways for energy production, each of the ingredients assisting in relieving symptoms of mild digestive discomfort by soothing and strengthening the mucous tissue of the gastrointestinal tract creating the optimal environment for good bacteria to flourish!

S – Sugar

Skip it! It literally creates an imbalance which can increase sugar cravings while at the same time killing off the healthy bacteria in the gut!

T – Time

There is a distinct connection between the brain and the gut and if you don’t take the time to relax and do things for yourself this can manifest itself in your gut causing upset and stress.

U – Unique

Regul8s’s products are contained in a micro-encapsulation delivery system which ensures the active ingredients reach the parts of you intestines where they are needed most.

V – Vegetables

At Regul8 we encourage you to consider a diet rich in vegetables and plant based goodness, these are simply the best source of nutrients for a healthy gut microbiome.

W – Water

You all know you should be drinking plenty of water for your overall health, but did you realise that it actually aids digestion and helps to break down your food so that you can absorb it better, water also helps to prevent constipation.

X – X-Rated!!

90% of your body’s serotonin levels are created in your gut…this is your happy hormone, but did you know that this is the hormone that also controls your libido!?

Y – Yoga

…Pilates and stretching all aid digestion and give help your digestive juices to flow

Zzzzzzzz- Sleep,

Catch some sleep, your gut is host to 400 times more melatonin, (that’s the sleep hormone) than your brain so if you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, perhaps your gut is the problem?



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