The Great Gut Reset – by The Gut Health Girl, Sarah Piper, Nutritionist and Educator, Regul8

Fallen off the wagon? Latest diet not doing what it’s supposed too? New Year resolutions fallen by the wayside? As February creeps in we find ourselves slipping back into old habits. It’s time for a lifestyle change – not a new fad diet!

If you are struggling with symptoms such as poor energy, poor sleep, weight gain or digestive issues then it’s most likely a problem in your gut – I’d urge you to consider a Digestive Tune Up!

At Regul8 we encourage and empower you to take control of your own health, but we also want you to know that this is an all-round approach, it’s a journey to healing which will ultimately lead to a healthier and a happier lifestyle over time.

So while the long nights are still here and we patiently wait for spring, here are my top Lifestyle & Nutrition Tips to get you on your journey to a healthy gut right now… anyone can start making these changes today!

Get Moving! Don’t worry if you haven’t been to gym in years or the thought of running 5km fills you with dread, introduce some light exercise such as walking or yoga to get started. Movement is essential to keep digestion functioning well. It also reduces cortisol (that’s the stress hormone) in the body which can cause weight gain.

Catch some Zzzzz’s! When the nights are dark and cold, it’s a great time to prioritise sleep and get up early for as much light exposure as possible during the day – This keeps our sleep rhythms optimal so that we can better manage stress and keep our digestive system happy. Our Relax formulation will really help you here and aid better more productive sleep.

Don’t be afraid of Healthy Fats! They are super important for optimal Gut Function – Foods such as Chia Seeds, Flaxseeds, Legumes, Nuts, Olive oil and Fatty Fish such as; Mackerel, Sardines and Salmon provide good fats to keep us warm during the winter as well as nourishing the Gut and encouraging good bacteria to grow and flourish.

Water Water Water – hydration is key. Drinking plenty of water during the day is a very simple way to keep the lining of the intestines healthy as well as balancing good bacteria in the gut.

Have a chat with one of our passionate and amazing practitioners! Your gut will thank you!

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