Lauren, NI

Skin care specialist and busy Mum of two, Lauren always suffered herself from skin inflammation and eczema, it can sometimes be painful and flare ups can leave her feeling like her confidence has taken a knock.

“I’ve always lived with skin issues and only ever treated the issue topically, but it was only temporary, like band aid,  and the flare ups would inevitably return. I began to realise that the root of the problem was stemming from something else, while I was still living in Australia I discovered Regul8 – it was a game changer for me, my skin cleared up and I had loads more energy! I would also be a naturally very anxious person and taking the Relax formulation calmed me down and gave a mental clarity and better focus.

“When I moved to Northern Ireland Regul8 wasn’t available and I started to see a decline in my skin health and an increase in my anxiety levels – I had also moved countries  and left most of family in Australia to start an exciting new life in Ireland –  it was a very stressful and anxious time for me and just when I really needed Regul8 I couldn’t get it, but as you do, you get on with it and dealing with stress, anxiety and inflamed skin became the norm again.

“Literally within a few short weeks of being able to get Regul8 Ireland I saw massive improvements, as a skin consultant I was also able to get my clients on to both the Digestive Tune Up and Relax, and that, coupled with the topical treatments I was administering, was leading to real successful results. I was delighted that I could not only feel the benefits myself but that my clients were also benefitting! I know for sure that beauty is very much not only skin deep and true healthy glowing skin can only be achieved through also maintaining a healthy gut!

“I’m now back in Australia, still doing regular Digestive Tune Ups and I swear by Relax and maintain to keep me healthy and happy.”

Gut Issues: Skin Inflammation and Anxiety

Treatment: Regular Digestive Tune Up’s and constant Relax & Maintain

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